DevOps Platform

Built by devops for devops

The Doalitic's DevOps Platform consists of a set of micro-services that collaborate to simplify and/or automate many of the tasks involved in the lifecycle management of software applications and the systems where they run. Such platform is the technological core of Doalitic, since our products consume the services exposed by the platform via remote APIs.

Being a micro-services architecture, each component can be replaced, updated, and scaled independently. The platform as a whole has been designed for security, resiliency, and scalability. It is able to manage infrastructure at multiple cloud providers and integrates seamlessly with other third-party applications. Such platform is the technological core behind Moss, your automatic sysadmin-as-a-service.

Doalitic is founded by engineers with experience in development and operations. Our platform is the result of our background and experience building and maintaining software applications. The platform itself is built using the same techniques that it offers our customers, including cloud-first design, ci/cd pipelines, configuration management, and infrastructure monitoring.


We take security seriously. Our team makes all reasonable effort to protect our customers' data.

In first place, our platform doesn't store sensitive information unless it's strictly required for its operation. In such cases, the information is never saved in plain text and doesn't get out of its corresponding micro-service. And of course, all communications within the platform are ciphered and authenticated using industry's best practices.


Different customers have different needs. Our platform supports multiple cloud providers so that each customer can choose the one that better fits her.

Thanks to multi-cloud support, Doalitic's customers can own their infrastructure and avoid provider lock-in. Our platform can also manage any linux server provided it's reachable from the Internet.

3rd-party integrations

Doalitic isn't meant to boil the ocean. If our customers are already used to certain tools, why reinvent the wheel? We at Doalitic follow a more pragmatic approach and integrate our platform with 3rd-party applications so our customers get more value without changing their whole workflow.

To be more specific, our DevOps Platform integrates with git repo providers, project management tools, social apps, ci/cd solutions, monitoring software, log collectors, or backup services. Everything you need to run an agile devops team and increase your productivity!

Powered by Docker

As they put it, Docker containers are changing the way software is being built, run, and shipped. They provide a uniform environment and a great abstraction for distributed applications, especially in the case of micro-services.

Given that all team members already had experience with the technology, Doalitic has been using Docker since its inception. Each component of the DevOps Platform runs within a Docker container on a pool of cloud servers. The platform itself builds upon our experience managing Docker-based applications. uses own and third-party cookies to collect statistics and improve our services by tailoring your browsing experience to your preferences. If you accept or keep on browsing, we consider that you accept their use.